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I have been disgustingly neglectful of the ole weblog (remember that term… before it got shortened to “blog”?) but this isnt entirely my fault. Hell week was… hell. We didnt sleep in the horizontal position for 4 nights in a row. We had to take a break in Austin after our Houston gig. We were exhausted.

Eirik grabbed two gigs alone before I rejoined the tour in Columbia. These guys are the nicest people. I had so much fun at the show tonight and they have been so gracious in putting us up for like 4 nights. It’s been a blast and I can see why people regard this scene as one of the most nicest and most welcoming in the country.

We have another night or two here (Ive lost count) and then we’re off to… DC? Yea, DC.


Its like high school. Without the sex.

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Look, I know that where there are people, there will be politics. That shit happens. But sometimes, it happens stupidly.

Im not going into it in detail. Ruckus and Eirik aren’t gelling. They go back and forth about a lot of things. It’s like watching old married couples fight. ugh.

Anywho, hell week coming up. We have like 5 shows in 5 days scattered all the way from Houston to Selma Alabama and every where in between. Good lord. And its not like we go from houston to selma and stop 3 times in between. No, Houston and Selma are back to back. We’re dancing between Louisiana and Memphis otherwise.

Fuck. Me. Running.

OKC and other stories

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So our OKC gig kicks off in a handful of hours. Then we have another one tomorrow night, still in OKC. I love this set up of multiple gigs without having to get on a greyhound. It’s so taxing to have to keep jumping on and off a bus without a minute to think. Especially when I keep getting stuck next to people who have no sense of personal space and behind people who think that because the seat can go back, it should go back. To hell with the 6’2″ guy behind them.


Im really looking forward to seeing the OKC scene. This town seems mildly cool and we’re on the edge of the arts district. All the poet folk we’ve met are hella cool and they made us tacos last night! YAY!

Then its off to Dallas. Oh, DFW… how I don’t miss you in the least. But the slam will be fun. My family is coming in for it and my dad is the only one who has ever seen me perform. So it’s going to be fun times.

Omaha, fuck yea!

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good lord.

I never thought I’d ever say “Im going to miss Nebraska” but damn. I’m going to miss Nebraska. After our phenomenal experience in Lincoln, Omaha wow’d us further.

We got hooked up with the Evans’… this uber hip older couple with a huge house. and a carriage house. that we’re sleeping in. We’ve been wined and dined and treated like rock stars. It’s amazing. And did I mention that they are amazing poets themselves?

AND THE SLAM! OMIGAWD! Awesome venue, awesome crowd, awesome poets. There wasn’t a bad poet in the group. Max Kessler featured, Joaquin competed with me and Big Poppa E and Ruckus. The local poets were outstanding. Every single one of them.

We’re out of here and on our way to New Orleans tomorrow. It’s going to be a 20+ hour bus ride. There is, however, etouffee at the end of the ride so I think I can suffer. We get to spend a couple days there before we head off to Dallas. My folks will be out and it will be the first time my mom will ever see me perform and only the second time my dad has.

And this will begin the more “romantic” stops on our tour. DC, Denver, Chicago, Orlando… These big cities are the ones that people ooooh and aaaah over and give us this air of “wow you guys must be a big deal”. But its Nebraska where we will be leaving our hearts. I’ve fallen in love with the people here and I will truly be sad to leave.

hot damn

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It’s been hectic and crazy the past several days. Greyhound is an experience. We’re gonna leave it at that. We just got done with our show in Lincoln Nebraska and let me tell you…

nicest people in the world. Dude named Steven picked us up knowing nothing about us other than that we were traveling poets in need of a place to crash. He hooked us up with a college dorm room with a shower and two beds to crash on for a few hours before the show. After that, homeboy named ryan tewell bought us all dinner after the slam and then (get this) let us stay in his apartment while he stayed at his girlfriends. THEN (even better) he’s giving us a ride to Omaha tomorrow so we dont have to bus it.


This is what it means to be slam family.

Finalized dates and a mad dash of shows

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Eirik has been on a scheduling frenzy. We have something like 36 shows in 2 months. Some shows have been dropped, some moved and many added. Check the updated tour list for a finalized list!

Our first four gigs were a mix of busts and awesomeness. San Antonio is a great group of people, but they need a new venue. Badly. Or at least a mean bouncer to kick the idiocy to the curb. Having to scream over people who are there simply to heckle is annoying. Not a single book sold by any of us.

Austin was a bucket of awesome, at least taking into consideration that a sudden thunder/rain/wind storm kept much of the crowd away. We sold a ton of merch and the generous crowd sent us off in style.

Same can be said of NeoSoul, who managed as much love and support with 1/4th of austins crowd size.

Not so much for Killeen. I hate open mics. Period. It’s a bunch of people sitting around just waiting for their turn to speak. No one listens. No one but poets and their significant others are there. Not a single book sold, though the guy who runs the thing, Christopher Michael, was a helluva good guy and the crowd did muster enough in tips to buy a meal.

Anywho, a few days off now and then we’re out to Fayettville and then Nebraska. weehaw.

New video and AMG BOOOOOOOOK!

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So I printed my first copies of my book yesterday. It looks great and I’m pretty proud of it. I ended up having a random blank page, so I threw in a drawing Cupcake did of me. Aside from being a cartoon, it’s how I imagine myself. You know, regular sized ears and nose.

I also finally got video of a new poem up on Youtube. I like it. Apparently the audience did too. I had to stop for a while so people could laugh. I honestly never think of myself as funny. Maybe a dry sort of funny, but certainly not laugh out loud funny. Apparently this was. Funny enough to almost beat Seth Walker. Almost. Sigh. Why must I get paired with Seth in a head-to-head match? WHY!?!?!